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Decaf Data

We train the world's best data management teams



We make your teams brilliant at Data Management and Data Governance.

We train teams to develop and execute industry leading data management and data governance initiatives. We also provide independent assessment and benchmarking of your current capability and can help craft your data management strategy and roadmap. 


Our bespoke training courses help teams to understand and apply best class data management capability. We use industry standards to explain "what" data management is and our bespoke hands on training to teach "how" to practically implement this.

Assessment & Strategy

Our assessment offering helps you to understand your current capability level and to benchmark your organization against industry peers. This initiative is often a pre-cursor to developing a data management strategy and roadmap.


Our enablement offering is where we work with your existing teams to ensure they are setup correctly. We put in place the right frameworks, templates, processes and tools to ensure your teams are setup for success.

Who We Are


Michael O'Sullivan


Shaun Rolls

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